David’s process starts by giving you access to the full range of birthing options.

He will explain all the options in simple terms, so you can decide what your preferred birthing experience looks like: whether you want a minimal intervention natural birth after spontaneous labour, right to the other end of the spectrum: a caesarean section at your request.

With the right doctor, you have more options and more say in your care than ever before. Unfortunately, few obstetricians working today have the expertise and experience to offer you the full range of birthing options.

David trained through a time when vaginal breech, twins, VBAC and birth suite management skills were part of everyday work – which means he has a broader skill base that can’t be obtained in the current obstetric environment.

For many reasons the caesarean section rate is much higher now preventing development of these skills.

Of course, if a caesarean section is your desired birthing experience, you will have the warm support of David and his staff.

The point is: the choice is yours from all the options.

This is why David’s caesarean section rate remains well below the average rate for the hospitals he works in. And, this flexibility is a big reason why his practice has thrived from its opening day.

Of course, everything we’ve described so far is just the start of David’s process…

If you’d like to discover more about how David’s “Healthy Baby, Healthy Mother, Great Birthing Experience” philosophy can help you achieve a pregnancy that will give you memories you cherish forever, please contact his rooms today to book an appointment.

Or if you have a gynaecological concern: David also has a thriving wide-range gynaecological practice encompassing surgical solutions and office-based consultations.

In any case, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

How Can Dr David O’Callaghan Help


David’s Philosophy: Explained

Healthy Mother

It starts with your health and the health of your baby.

These are the two most important factors in any decisions we make together over the course of your pregnancy.

We make decisions with these two elements top of mind, and everything else flows from there.

Healthy Baby

As stated, the health of the baby – and your health – are the foundations by which we approach all decision making.

The health of the mother and the baby is equally important. And in truth, almost always the decision made to benefit one, benefits the other.

There’s never a time we have to choose.

Great Birth

After ensuring the health of you and your baby, the next part of David’s process is helping you achieve your ideal birth, on your terms.

David’s experience means you get to choose from the full range of birthing options, so you can go with the kind of birth that’s right for you – whatever that may be!

David’s aim is to help you feel as safe and calm as possible – and help you make memories you can cherish forever.


Vaginal delivery including VBAC

Twin vaginal delivery

Breech vaginal delivery

Birth suite management of complicated and straightforward births.

Full range of birthing options for all women.